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Mohammed Qumar


Mohammed Qumar: Debut: 1999.

The club’s premier left-handed seamer, Qumar claimed the bowling award in 2005 and is closing in on 150 wickets for the club. Despite adding a couple of pounds to his frame over the past few seasons and being hampered by a groin injury in 2007, Qumar still has the ability to move the ball at pace and cause problems for batsmen and was the man who bounced out Holwell’s leading light Parkins on the placid Offley surface in 2006.

While you’d be glad of his bowling at any stage of the match (unless it’s at the start of his second spell when he tends to be not quite as effective) there are two distinct schools of thought regarding his batting and – in particular – his fielding.

It’s very much a case of Qumar Chameleon if you will.

On the one hand there is the man himself who is convinced that he is a powerful batsman who has been denied his maiden half century for the club by a combination of ill luck and lack of opportunity. On the other – a school established by former skipper Martin Bigmore – there is the belief that Qumar is a natural number 11. However, his stunning performance for Kashmir Hawks in the 1998 Cup Final where he nearly beat Offley off his own bat and the fact that he was dismissed just once before the start of August in 2007 suggests he can bat.

His fielding is a different story. While he may not have been deserving of the sobriquet of Probably the Worst Fielder in the World™, he would be hard pushed to claim that fielding is his strongest suit. Any catch remains an adventure and he has had some shocking moments in the field with his all-round display at Ickleford likely to form the rock of any prosecution case regarding his lack of dexterity in the field.